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Poole & Poole

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In addition to providing architectural expertise, creative design and detailing, 2PA brings knowledgeable code analysis, innovative technology and experienced construction administration to each project. Their well developed portfolio has provided them with experience in many building and construction types, each bringing a new set of challenges to solve and learn from.

Architectural services include: feasibility, site planning and density studies, analytical and value engineering reports, comprehensive project development from schematic design through construction administration.


At 2PA, we like to envision ourselves as more than just an architecture firm. With our extensive expertise and highly superior client service, we see ourselves as community builders. By creating and designing the buildings of our communities through intensive collaboration with our clients, we envision a future where communities find sustainable growth and strength aimed at helping individual families and business alike succeed.


Poole & Poole Architecture has designed and built a broad spectrum of buildings, but their specialty lies in multi-family housing. 

2PA has extensive experience in many different styles of these developments, including high density urban, resort, garden style, high rise, loft style and the relatively new planning model of high density suburban. Within these they have applied a number of different construction types, including wood frame (1-5 stories), concrete tunnel form, metal stud, masonry and staggered steel truss. 

Poole & Poole
Poole & Poole


2PA has designed a broad range of commercial buildings throughout the southeast. These include freestanding, urban infill projects from 5,000sf to 30,000sf, retail, grocery, live/work, offices with a concentration in multi-specialty healthcare facilities.

Single Family

Poole & Poole Architecture has been nationally recognized as a strong leader in the field of residential architecture. Their single family homes draw on the time enduring principals of traditional architecture. House plans are thoughtfully designed with beauty, comfort, and cost in mind. 

Poole & Poole
Poole & Poole

Computer Visualization

Poole & Poole Architecture's computer graphic services, including virtual reality models, animations and 3D graphics, are an asset to a project during both the early stages of design and later as marketing material for the owner. 

Initially, simpler models are used for site massing excercises, interior and exterior lighting studies and quick color, roof line or design studies. They then create an intricately detailed final model that can be used for advertising, finance packages or web marketing. These final images have been invaluable to developers for zoning, neighborhood and other governmental meetings, as they have a level of detail and clarity that traditional renderings do not have. 

Animations are particularly useful as a leasing tool for apartments. Interior models with furniture and finishes help prospective residence understand the space they will be leasing months before the first true model is open on a project.

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